Board of Directors


Nancy Pinardi, D.Ed. , Chair

“I serve on the Board because I believe in The Village and the Rutledge Institute and the many programs they provide which offer  a supportive and nurturing learning environment to the students.  In addition, providing full-time single parents and military the opportunity to attend the university at a reduced care rate benefits both the parent and child as they create a brighter future for themselves.”

Edward Daerr

Philip Giannetti

Marianne Gideon

“I am proud to serve on The Village of FPC Board of Directors, California, Pa and to support our role as operators of The Rutledge Institute.  It’s quite an accomplishment to not only teach the very young (6 weeks to school-age children), while also giving their single parents the opportunity to further their education as well!  It’s a win-win!”

Geraldine Jones

Diane Nettles, Ph.D.

“There’s nothing more important than preparing young children to live in their world.  The Village is a place where children can grow and learn happily, as well as a place where teachers grow professionally as they learn and use best practices in early childhood education. I love being part of that magic.”

Colleen Nowak

“Cherie’s enthusiasm for this program from the very beginning peaked my interest and my belief in early childhood development for all children has kept me here.”

Louis Panza, Jr.

“I have always believed our future lies with our children.  As such, anything we can do, from their earliest age, to encourage them and assist them with their education and future success is extremely important.”

Robert Prah:

“I am deeply honored to serve as a Board Member for The Village & Rutledge Institute. Coming from a dual-military background and with two children enrolled, my family and I recognize the vital importance of having a program that families can rely on, where they feel assured and confident that their children are receiving top-tier care and education. From the dedicated leadership team to each and every staff member, excellence permeates every aspect. I am committed to dedicating my time and skills, collaborating with fellow board members, to steer The Village & Rutledge towards a future where we continue to provide the best early childhood education in the Mon Valley region. As the saying goes, “It truly does take a village!”

Karen Rutledge

“The daily mission to make the world a more loving, safer, and educational place for children needs a village. These tender young years of a child’s life need to be fostered. Fortunately, I have found like-minded members of THE VILLAGE board and work along with them. The children of THE VILLAGE are our customers and we aim to supply the very best of everything.”

Jenifer Sigado

Andrew Spergel, M.D.

“Children are our greatest commodity. It is so important to give our children a great early education. The Village provides more than an outstanding education, but an amazing head start in life in a very safe and nurturing environment. The Village also affords students who are parents the opportunity to further their education while their children flourish.

I was personally lucky to never have to struggle to get an education or provide one for my children but I can appreciate that might not be the case for many others. This is where I feel the greatest help is needed and can make a difference.  The Village and the Rutledge Institute are great solutions. Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that?”

Former Board of Directors Members

Barbara Armenti, Connie Armitage Ed.D, Debbie Bayer, Donald Bellisario, Lisa Buday J.D, Kristen Clingerman, Danielle Constantine, Frosina Cordisco, Beth Costello, Sally Daley, Ken Donahue, Sue Donahue, Clark Harrison, Dick Hart Ph.D, Diana Irey, Jeannie King, Robert Kramer, Rebecca Maddas D.Ed., Richard Martin Ed.D, Traci McDonald J.D., Beverly Melenyzer Ed.D, Jill Sharer M.D, Diane Shook, Kathi Shook, Karen Susick, Edie Thomas, Donald Thompson, Ph.D.