Now Hiring Teachers

Our full-time and part-time teachers are professionals, we treat our team as professionals and we pay them as professionals.

Working at The Village

  • At The Village, we are all “Teachers” regardless of the jobs we do on any given day.

  • We provide skills-based compensation that exceeds the industry norm, paid holidays, paid time off, a benefits allowance, and bonuses.

  • We encourage everyone to advance at their own pace and increase their pay when they demonstrate new skills.

  • The Village Cares about the Children, our Teachers, and Families, and our programs protect and support all of us.

How to Apply

We offer two convenient ways to apply for employment: online via Indeed or download our application and submit to Center Director, Ashley Roth at

Equal Opportunity Employment

The Village of FPC is an equal opportunity employer. All employment activities are conducted in a manner to provide equal employment opportunity in all phases of operation without regard to race, age, gender, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual preference, or disability in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. However, all employees must have a physical statement signed by a health official testifying that the employee is physically able to safely supervise young children.


Applications for employment or enrollment are Confidential. The Village Confidentiality Policy protects sensitive information of individual rights of privacy for children, families, and employees of The Village. The individual dignity of children, families, and employees is respected and protected at all times in accordance with all applicable laws.