How does The Village and The Rutledge Institute incorporate meaningful educational technology?

Meet the IgniteTable by Hatch!  

Through collaboration between The Rutledge Institute and a PennWest University professor, Dr. Heh, a grant was secured through Edith L. Trees to purchase an IgniteTable By Hatch. IgniteTable by Hatch is an interactive learning tool that provides a collaborative learning experience for children to engage with peers while building social-emotional learning, communication, and prosocial skills. 

As students play, the software automatically captures work samples and data for teachers to later review, assess, and track individual progress. All games and activities included on the IgniteTable directly relate to The Creative Curriculum that is used by The Village and Rutledge Institute. 

Students are able to practice working collaboratively, solving problems, self-awareness, decision-making skills, self-management, and more! 

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